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How To Use Video To Get People To Buy Stuff

If you’re going to do any type of business on the internet, video is extremely important. As a matter of fact, over 95% of my wife’s and I business was built through videos. I’d like to share with you a very powerful 4 step process to using videos to get people to buy more stuff from you.

“The 5 Keys of ‘Magical’ Selling”

We as entrepreneurs, whether we like it or not, have GOT to get good at marketing and selling our business if we plan on being profitable. PERIOD. There’s no way around it. So I decided to help you out.

3 Step Plan To Double Your Sales Through Blogging

Are you in a network marketer, affiliate marketer, or someone in the home based business industry and you’d like to double your sales from last month? If so, I’m going to share with you my 3-step plan of action on how I’m going to do by blogging.

Tribe 300 Calendar {Team Planner}

Welcome to our team’s calendar, updated as new events are released! Use this to plan out your schedule and sharing activities for Continue Reading

4 Steps To Accomplishing Your Goals By Napoleon Hill

You ever wondered why you never accomplish certain goals? I mean you try so hard to manifest it but it never comes to pass? If so, I may be able to help you…thanks to what I’ve learned from the great Napoleon Hill.


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